Soigneur /swʌnˈjə/, n.


1. (cycling) a member of team staff responsible for massage, supplies, transportation, and medical needs of the riders

2. (Etymology: French) "one who cares for the needs of others"


Soigneurs are to cycling what grooms are to race horses. Soigneurs provide every detail of care a rider receives on and off the bike and help to keep the team running smoothly -- virtually every part of bike racing support except the bikes themselves falls under the soigneur's purview. Soigneurs must be dedicated, motivated, and relentlessly detail-oriented.


Soigneurs are on the front lines of the battle against fatigue, injury, dehydration, emotional exhaustion, and the agony of defeat. In the sports massage world, it's the equivalent to the difference between battle triage and a quiet country doctor's office. They keep a cool head in extreme conditions, improvise constantly, and provide the best care possible with often limited resources. Soigneurs are massage therapists, medics, advocates, nutrition and hydration specialists, psychotherapists, chauffers, and trusted friends.

The field experience gained through work as a soigneur transfers to unparalleled attention to detail in the clinical setting. Soigneurs excel at building rapport with the athletes in their care and develop a deep level of communication and empathy as they ensure their charges' needs are met. Soigneurs amass hundreds of hours of sports massage experience very rapidly and form an arsenal of techniques to treat both body and mind. Experience the soigneur difference.