Bodies in motion encounter stress and strain, whether through the rigors of everyday life or elite sports training and competition. Myofascial massage, often called sports massage or deep tissue massage, engages all layers of muscle, fascia, and connective tissue to alleviate areas of chronic tension and to promote optimal alignment and balance. Imbalances and inefficiency commonly precipitate chronic injury, which can often be effectively treated and prevented through proper stretching and therapeutic manipulation of musculoskeletal tissues. Whether your goal is the empowerment of pain-free daily living or reaching an athletics-inspired dream, myofascial massage is a powerful tool to help you achieve your potential.


Swedish massage is often associated with spas and relaxation, but originated as a method for gymnastics trainers to increase circulation and mobility in their athletes.  Most massage sessions draw from many modalities to provide the best possible therapeutic outcome and meet and exceed client expectations. Massage should not cause pain, but an effective therapeutic treatment may involve periods of discomfort for optimal therapeutic outcome within the client's comfort and tolerance. Sara works with every client to design a treatment plan to meet his or her goals and invite a positive therapeutic outcome, creating a session that provides a relaxing, invigorating, rejuvenating massage experience. 


Is sports massage right for me?