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Sara J. Clawson Profile

Serial enthusiast, lifelong learner, artist, educator, epistemophile -- Sara Clawson's talents and creativity defy categorization. She has been described as a Renaissance woman for her broad range of interests and pursuits, as well as her commitment to ongoing learning, curiousity, and development.

A Liberal Arts graduate of Guilford College, Sara studied English literature and Early Modern/Medieval studies before turning an eye toward sport and exercise science. She was awarded a diploma in Massage Therapy from the prestigious Body Therapy Institute and completed a Master's Degree in Sports Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro's School of Health and Human Performance, with 3 years' post-graduate studies in Kinesiology Education as a Hayes Fellowship recipient.

Sara believes in the role of creativity in science as a vital tool for communication and inspiration. She has brought art, music, and movement into the classroom during her time teaching Anatomy and Physiology at Kneaded Energy School of Massage, Biomechanics and Motor Behavior at Greensboro College, and Sports Massage at the Body Therapy Institute. As a small business owner of Aspire Sports Therapies, she delighted in patient education, creative scientific communication, and complex problem solving.

Today Sara can be found studying any number of areas in science, art, language, and the humanities. She is available for art and scientific writing commissions of every scale. She lives in Ghent, Belgium.

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