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About the Practitioner


Sara initially came to sports massage therapy through her own love of endurance sports and involvement in road cycling, mountain biking, triathlon and time trials, running, stand-up paddleboarding, and more. As an avid albeit recreational competitor, she recognized the value in complimentary modalities to facilitate recovery, treat and prevent injuries, and improve performance no matter the level of activity participation. Her background in sports medicine and love of cycling led her to pursue a career as a soigneur: the elite cyclist's caretaker for massage, first aid, nutrition, hydration, and ally on the race course and home base.


Despite her involvement with international cycling teams and athletes at the highest levels of sports, Sara knows that not just elite and professional athletes can benefit from massage therapy; on the contrary, it is every bit as important for weekend warriors, individuals just beginning fitness regiments, and more casual sports participants to maintain optimal flexibility and tissue recovery, which massage can promote.  Sara's passion for endurance sports and massage therapy transfers to an extraordinary attention to detail for her clients, helping each individual unlock his or her full potential.


In the spring of 2015, Sara joined the faculty of Greensboro College as an adjunct instructor of biomechanics, began teaching anatomy & physiology in the massage therapy diploma program at Kneaded Energy School of Massage, and offered advanced continuing education for massage therapists in sports and performance massage at the Body Therapy Institute. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Kinesiology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Work experience
Sports Massage Therapist

2009 - present


Specializing in myofascial and sports massage techniques.


Sciences Instructor

2015 - present


Teaching Anatomy & Physiology and Musculoskeletal Anatomy courses in the Kneaded Energy School of Massage evening massage therapy diploma program.



2013 - present


Private contractor soigneur with USA Cycling elite development women's, juniors, and U-23 teams in Europe, and the USA Cycling junior selection program for Tour de l'Abitibi. Therapeutic massage, nutrition and hydration, feed zones, rider transportation and transfer, first aid, anti-doping, Safe Sport compliance.

UCI races worked:
Tour de l'Abitibi 2013, Canada, DS Mark Fasczewski
Ronde van Gelderland 2014, Netherlands, DS Jack Seehafer
Tour de Bretagne 2014, France, DS Michael Sayers
La Course de la Paix 2014, Czech Republic, DS Barney King
Three Days of Axel 2014, Netherlands, DS Barney King
Tour de l'Abitibi 2014, Canada, DS Barney King
Omloop Der Vlaamse Gewesten 2014, Belgium, DS Joe Holmes
Grand Prix Ruebliland 2014, Switzerland, DS Joe Holmes

US PRO Road & TT National Championships 2015, Chattanooga TN, DS Mari Holden

Tour de l'Abitibi 2015, Canada, DS Barney King

UCI TTT World Championships 2015, Richmond, VA, DS Mari Holden

UCI Road World Championships 2015, Richmond, VA, DS Bosseau Bouchard

Tour of the Gila 2016, Silver City, NM, DS Mari Holden

AMGEN Tour of California 2016, DS Mari Holden

US PRO Road & TT National Championships 2016, Winston Salem, NC, DS Mari Holden

Winston Salem Cycling Classic 2016, DS Adam Pulford & Mari Holden

Tour de l'Abitibi 2016, Canada, DS Barney King

UCI TTT World Championships 2016, Qatar, DS Mari Holden

Winston Salem Cycling Classic 2017, DS Mari Holden

Tour de l'Abitibi 2017, DS Barney King

Interclub and kermesse races:
Koga Ronde van Zuid-Oost Friesland 2014, DS Barney King
Bavaria Ronde van Lieshout 2014, DS Barney King
Kermesse Erondegem 2014, DS Billy Innes
Kermesse Mol Gompel 2014, DS Joe Holmes
Kermesse Beveren-Waas 2014, DS Joe Holmes
Kermesse Rumst 2014, DS Joe Holmes
Kermesse Balegem 2014, DS Joe Holmes
Kermesse Mere 2014, DS Joe Holmes
Kermesse Puurs 2014, DS Billy Innes
Kermesse Bardegem 2014, DS Billy Innes
Math Salden Klimcriterium 2014, DS Joe Holmes
Heerlen Klimcriterium 2014, DS Joe Holmes

Valley of the Sun Stage Race 2016, DS Mari Holden

6 Hours of Warrior Creek 2016, DS John King

Graduate Assistant



Graduate assistantship with the School of Health and Human Sciences as an academic adviser for students in kinesiology, public health, social work, and health science majors.


Shop Mechanic

2006 - 2010


Involved in the bicycle industry through work at Paceline Bicycles, Performance Bike, and The Bicycle Gallery. Responsibilities included bicycle repairs, ergonomic bicycle fitting for different disciplines, customer education on mechanics, building and selling new bicycles, training staff on sales, mechanics, and cycling technique.



Myofascial Massage

Swedish Massage

Sports Massage

Active Isolated Stretching

Proprioceptive      Neuromuscular Facilitation

Kinesio Taping

Clinical Experience








Inline Skating


2010 - present

2010 - present



University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Greensboro, NC

2015 - present (expected defense May 2020)

Doctor of Education in Kinesiology

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Greensboro, NC

2011 - 2o13

Master of Science in Sports Medicine


Graduated with an MS in Kinesiology from UNCG's prestigious School of Health and Human Sciences. Coursework in athletic training, sports psychology, exercise physiology, sports nutrition, biomechanics, applied neuromechanics, motor behavior, and public health. Master's Practicum work in 3D motion capture bicycle fitting as a diagnostic tool for musculoskeletal rehabilitative exercise prescription.


Body Therapy Institute

Siler City, NC


Diploma in Massage Therapy


Training in Swedish and Myofascial massage.

Barnett Bicycle Institute

Colorado Springs, CO


Certified Level 1 Bicycle Repair Technician


Bicycle Repair and Overhaul, Suspension Service and Tuning, and Effective Sales of Service.


Guilford College

Greensboro, NC

2006 - 2008

Bachelor's of Art in English


Honor's program graduate for departmental thesis work.





Weight lifting